Hi! My name's Emma Verity and I run Musical Me.

I have three children: Henry, Phoebe and Ottilie. All three of them adore music and Phoebe in particular lights up when we sing or play music in our house. She has quite a talent for dancing too..!

I have a degree in Early Childhood Education and also trained as an Early Years teacher. I worked as a nanny for almost 10 years and throughout that time I frequently took my charges to a wide variety of classes for babies and toddlers but always felt that there was a gap for fun musical education classes. 

I then had my own children and began leading a community music group. I quickly saw how much my children enjoyed and responded to music and I really loved leading the classes and sharing my enthusiasm with others; I soon felt I was ready for a new challenge. Musical Me was almost a year in the making and in 2018 I was very proud to finally be able to share it with you and your children. I then had my second daughter Ottilie in June 2019 and took a short break with classes recommencing in 2020. I love meeting new people and I have always had a passion for working with children. The benefits of musical education are pretty much endless and I love to see the development that takes place in classes, watching the children grow and learn.