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What happens in our classes?

Our classes are varied and exciting yet they also follow a similar structure from session to session for the familiarity that young children thrive on. We always begin with a regular welcome song and end with a goodbye song. We have calmer sections to our sessions as well as a high energy aspect to release some energy! We sing a wide range of songs, use props, play musical games and dance which all leads to us reaching our chosen learning objective for the session. We have themes and explore new instruments.

Are you part of a franchise?

No, Musical Me is not a franchise. Emma creates all of the classes herself and does so to adapt to the requirements of each group she runs. Hopefully this gives our sessions a more personal feel!

What learning takes place?

We aim to introduce children to the wonderful world of music and encourage their musical ability through song, dance and play. However, we also teach about music and musical concepts through our classes which are learnt subconsciously at a young age. We learn about concepts such as tempo, dynamics, pitch, unity and contrast. Young children do not need direct instruction about music, they need musical experiences through which the teacher can introduce musical terminology and concepts. The 'learning' aspect to the class using familiar songs and learning is always secondary to enjoyment and involvement. We run our classes to various themes too. Past themes have included 'down on the farm', 'weather', 'under the sea' or 'counting'.

Why are we different?

We are different to library or drop in rhyme time classes mainly due to our format. We have learning intentions and themes that we focus on as well as a wide variety of percussion instruments and equipment. Classes are taught by someone who has teaching experience, years of working with children and above all a passion for musical education!

What if my child doesn't want to sit down and join in?

Musical Me classes nurture the child’s natural enthusiasm for music and movement as we sing, dance, chant, and play instruments in an informal setting. This enriches their musical environment and guides them towards a lifetime of music-making enjoyment. Sometimes children will want to explore the environment- they're inquisitive beings! That's totally ok as long as you can try and encourage them to sit with us and join in. Hopefully our varied activities cater for everyone's needs and if you're worried, please drop me an email or a call and we can chat about it.

Can I pay as I go?

Musical Me sessions are very carefully designed, rather than being a random selection of songs. A musical concept is focused on for each class and some of the songs and activities are chosen to help children experience this concept. Classes are progressive, meaning that a weekly attendance is best so that your child can gain the most benefit, hence why we book classes by terms. If it was a drop-in class it would soon become overfull and the sessions would not be able to meet the needs of each child. We like having smaller classes (around 12 children) so that there is more familiarity and each session can be tailored around the development of the children.

What about siblings? Twins? Additional children?

Perfect for family classes! Please feel free to register an additional child (at a discounted rate of £5.00 per session). In the family classes if your additional child is under 12 months old then they can attend for free. If you have twins or multiples then please contact us, we'll organise a specific discount rate. When booking for a siblings please fill in each individual child's information in the booking section and we will apply the appropriate discounts. Contact us for help if you need to!

Who can come to the classes?

Only registered/paid for children can come to the classes but please feel free to send any adult to accompany your children. We welcome all family members and if you'd like to bring more than one adult could you please let your teacher know ahead of class (just as a guide for numbers/capacity).

We're unable to come to a class in the middle of term.. can I make up a class?

Any adult can accompany your registered child so if you as the grown up are ill or unavailable please feel free to send Nanna, Aunty, Dad, whoever! If you have a holiday booked or you both cannot attend then I'll do my best to schedule you in to another class if there's space, but this is not always possible due to numbers and also the sequence of the sessions.

What songs do you sing? Do you have instruments?

We sing a wide variety of songs and rhymes from traditional ones to our own creations. Our most valuble instrument is our voice and it helps children to tune into each song and interpret it their own way. We have a variety of percussion instruments to support and enhance our learning and games.

I can't sing! Can I come?

Please come! Everybody can sing and children couldn't care a bit if you are the most out of tune singer in the world!! The involvement and enthusiasm is a million times more important than your musical abilities.

Can we eat in class?

Of course babies and toddlers can have milk as often as they want but we kindly ask that no other snacks be eaten in the class due to allergies and potential mess!


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