Musical Education

Musical Me classes are... 


Upbeat and with new things to look forward to in each session.


And positive, with heaps of encouragement and praise!


We are a welcoming + friendly bunch!


For both grown ups and children (and definitely not daunting!)


Classes are simple yet effective enabling us to achieve our chosen learning goals through fun and play. 


With themes, toys, instruments, puppets, parachutes, games and more!

Not 'commercial'

Our groups hopefully have a more personal feel. We only take on small groups and we are not a franchised business which perhaps creates a more unique and personal style. We don't use any recorded backing tracks or recordings, we encourage children and babies to actively 'listen' rather than just 'hearing' (and with no CD's to deal with there's less unwanted time distraction!).


Music can have an amazing effect on babies and toddlers as well as children. Numerous studies show that an early introduction to music positively impacts language and communication development; while others point to improved pattern recognition skills which are the basis for mathematical learning.  There are other studies that reveal there are plenty of social and emotional positives of being involved in music such as turn taking, sharing and understanding feelings.


In fact Musical Me aids and supports children in all areas of development....

'Music has a power of forming the character and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young' - Aristotle

Physical Development

- Spatial Awareness

- Balance

- Control over movements

- Flexibility

- Coordination

- Moving with rhythm

- Motor skills